Declutter Your Life and Downsize Your Home

The House Weight Loss Plan

If 2024 is your year to declutter your life and downsize your home, be sure to join The 2024 House Weight Loss Plan on Facebook. This is a year-long plan where every Monday morning you’ll receive your challenge of what to work on for that week. The goal is to rid yourself of things you don’t need, want, or love anymore. You’ll be surprised how much stuff you will get rid of that no longer serves you.

The 2024 House Weight Loss Plan begins on Monday, January 8th. The best part is it’s FREE on Facebook and you can either do the work or not. It’s up to you but if you’re ready to start on your road to declutter your life and downsize your home, sign up here to join the group.

Where Do Your Dreams Take You?

If you are a baby boomer and are not living in the home where you will live the rest of your life, are you ready to declutter your life and downsize your home?

What are you waiting for? Your best years are passing you by – and quickly! If you feel stuck and overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, read on.

If you know you want to declutter your life and downsize your home sooner than later, I can help. Unlike the free Facebook group that’s designed to get rid of stuff over a year’s time, most baby boomers tell me they would like to move now. They are ready to move on, they know where they are going, but there’s the stuff.

They have a house full of stuff that’s preventing them from living their dreams. But not only do they have too much stuff, but also don’t know where to start, and are so overwhelmed – they do nothing. And then one day, the medical emergency comes. Then what?

Let me ask you…are you “aging in place” because you have to or because it’s easier than moving? You may be thinking, your kids or other family members can deal with your house full of stuff when the time comes…or can they? Is that what you really want for them? Have you had that conversation with them? Do they know your plan?

Have You Planned Your Future?

If you’re anything like me, you may discover (like I did) that there is more to life than spending your next best years babysitting your stuff in a home that no longer serves you and that you may no longer love.

My life has changed so much since I moved out of that big house!!! I have more time for family, friends, and hobbies – and WORK that I love.

If you are ready to fulfill those dreams on your bucket list, embrace new adventures and create some long-lasting memories, I’ll show you how to get from where you are now to where you need to go so you can start living your best years – while you still can.

What would you do if you could pick up and be somewhere else tomorrow? If you were Samantha from Bewitched and could wiggle your nose…where would your dreams take you? What would your days look like? Maybe you would:

  • move closer to your family members (like Susan)
  • rent an apartment to make life easier (like Jeff)
  • buy a home with no steps (like I did!)
  • travel to places you’ve always wanted to see (like Carol)
  • move to a warmer climate and enjoy the weather (like Noreen and Bob)
  • rent or buy an RV and travel the country (like Russ and Karen)
  • find a 55+ community where you would make new friends and enjoy new adventures (like my friend Julie)
  • spend time doing what you want versus taking care of a home that no longer serves you (like me!)

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Granted, it’s not going to happen with the twitch of your nose, but hopefully, I’ve got your juices flowing so maybe you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe, just maybe, you will begin to think differently and realize your best years are flying by!

But then there’s the stuff…and the house. I get it. Not so long ago, I was right there with you. I was living in a 3,500-square-foot house by myself that was costing me an arm and a leg to heat, cool, and maintain every year. One day I woke up and said:

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to do this anymore. My best years are ahead of me and they are passing me by. I have better things to do with the rest of my life. I want to fulfill my dreams, embrace new adventures, and create some long-lasting memories – while I still can.”

That very day, I started taking action. I knew I badly needed to declutter my life and downsize my home. That house was FULL-OF-STUFF! As a planner, life-long strategist, and problem solver, I spent the next couple of days creating my plan of action. Little did I know, that my plan of action would become the framework for the Declutter to Downsize System.

But what you need to know, even though it seems impossible, I did it and you can too! If you have the desire to live your best years left differently than you are now, I can help you get there.

Declutter Your Life and Downsize Your Home

After downsizing twice myself and helping hundreds of other baby boomers downsize over the last 10+ years, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • you have to have a reason you’re doing this – to get results you have to have a vision for your future and a BIG WHY – to get you started
  • following a proven system will get you through the grind, even when the going gets tough
  • having a daily plan with the support of a community behind you keeps you going
  • knowing how to make decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of becomes easier when you follow the system
  • the course “How Do I” Cheat Sheets are invaluable, when you get stuck, can’t make a decision, or just want to give up
  • your Home Declutter to Downsize Workbook which includes your Dream Book, Game Plan, and Action Plan will keep everything in perspective and remind you where you started and how far you’ve come

I will show you how to get through your stuff faster, more efficiently, and with less stress than doing it on your own! And that in itself is PRICELESS!

Getting Started!

Creating your vision and your BIG WHY are the 2 most important things you’ll accomplish when you join the Declutter Your Home and Downsize Your Home Community. Your BIG WHY is a critical part of the decluttering and downsizing process.

Maybe you just want to live a simpler life as you age. After all, planning your next act in life is your responsibility. And it’s your stuff. The real question is – when will you decide that the way you are currently living – isn’t what you really want?

Getting Results!

In the Home Declutter to Downsize System, you will discover that results will come when you:

  • manage your mind and the overwhelm
  • change the way you think about your things
  • learn how to know what to keep and what to get rid of and
  • use the tools and systems that will get you started, keep you on track, and finish the job no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed before now.

I will provide you with the how-to, it’s up to you to do the work that will take you from feeling stuck and overwhelmed into a system of taking specific action to get desired results.

The Home Declutter to Downsize Programs

The Home Declutter to Downsize Programs will launch in 2024. There will be a variety of options to choose from. These programs are for people who want to move now, as soon as they can get through their stuff.

All of the programs are designed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be…living your best years to the fullest – while you still can.

Are You Ready to Do Something for Yourself that will Serve You for the Rest of Your Life?

The Home Declutter to Downsize System is scheduled to launch in 2024. For more information and to receive updates about the different programs and courses, please contact us here.

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